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Discover some of the best Portable Vaporizers, featuring ergonomic designs and battery-operated devices for dry herbs and concentrates.
Model: j0evm3td
Show More The Airis J 420mAh Vaporizer Mod is a universal pod based battery device, incorporating a universal magnetic pod port with pod detection, draw-activated firing mechanism, and contains an impressive 420mAh rechargeable battery to last the entire day, delivering satisfying and efficient use ..
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Model: 9hm6krfr
Show More The Airis Mystica II 2 VV Vaporizer Mod is a revamped oil cartridge battery device, offering 3 variable voltage power levels, compact handheld presence, and can accomodate a wide range of cartridges available on the market in a classy discreet manner. Introduced with a 450mAh rechargeable ..
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Model: xhgcl261
Show More The Airis Tick VV Vaporizer Mod is a disguised and discreet cartridge vaporizor for essential oils, introducing an integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery, direct voltage based output, and magnetic connection for usage with most oil cartridges on the market today. Approximately measuring in..
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Model: ulkqhdx2
Show More The YoCan Groote Vaporizer Mod is a small dimunutive handheld box mod vaporizer that is full of functionality, bringing to the table a triple level output system, intregrated battery, and crafted from lightweight PC materials to reduce the overall weight to boost discretionary portability...
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Model: 89uj6wlv
Show More The YoCan UNI Pro Vaporizer Mod is a newly updated design of the previous version, improving it with a adjustable voltage based output, 10s preheating functionality, and is equipped with  adjustable height and width settings to neatly accomodate any and all vaporizer cartridges available o..
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Model: ygvcltvm
Show More The YoCan UNI Universal Portable Mod is a easily considered the most useful mod ever made, implementing an adjustable atomizer diameter dial;, 3 voltage output levels, and features an innovative preheating function to coax gentle and smooth draws. Formed from durable zinc-alloy, the chassi..
Ex Tax:$25.99
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